This project was particularly exciting for me as it was my first time making a pedestal dining table. Pedestal tables are an extremely simple concept, a single leg supporting a circular top. However this does not mean that they can’t make a bold statement, simplicity is often the key to a beautiful design.

I worked with the clients to create a design that would work best in their space. We settled on a circular pedestal table as it would allow free movement around the top. The curves of the design would also be a good contrast from the predominantly angular shapes in the rest of the room. A glass top helps the table blend slightly with its surroundings, preventing it from dominating the space.

The main feature of the table design is the central pedestal turned from solid Walnut. This is a simple flowing curve shape, showing off the natural beauty of the timber and the intricate block construction. As the curve narrows towards the centre so do the size of the blocks, creating a pleasing criss-cross effect. Four polished stainless steel fixings support the glass top.

My first pedestal table design couldn’t be more simple, however the effect is truly striking. It does not dominate its surroundings it compliments them, as every good piece of design should.

Guide price: £5,400 inc Vat 

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