The story of these two Yew pedestal tables started around 5 years ago, and has seen me take the project from storm damaged tree to finished items of furniture.

Back in 2014 I was contacted by the owners of the Langton hall estate near Northallerton. An ancient Yew tree had blown down in the grounds and they wanted to do something meaningful with the timber.

The yew tree had been on the estate for many hundreds of years and it was only right that it should be turned into something else; naturally I suggested a piece of furniture would be the ideal use. I duly cut the timber into boards and stacked it for air drying, a process that takes many years.

Finally in 2019 the timber was dry enough to work with and I began the process of creating a piece of furniture. The first thing that struck me was the beauty of the timber; the grain was filled with swirls, knots and striking purple streaks. I therefore settled on a simple design that wouldn’t try to compete with the natural splendour of the wood.

The clients were over the moon with their home grown Yew pedestal tables and plan to keep them on the Langton Hall estate for many more years to come.


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