Designing a piece of furniture always involves balancing a number of factors; the clients’ needs, the feel of the room, the lighting etc. With this table one thing had to take precedence, showing off the stunning natural beauty of the pippy oak top.

When working with a timber as special as this it’s essential that the design is based around the timber and presents the features in the best possible way. It would be such a shame to lose any of nature’s handiwork. I therefore adopted a soft touch approach with the feel of the table. This involved retaining elements such as the natural waney edge and the open splits in the board ends. I tied the splits with dovetail ties to ensure stability long into the future.

The table frame and twelve chairs follow a similar mentality. They are simple yet elegant, displaying the versatility of pippy oak they are constructed from and complimenting the top.

The natural edge dining set looks perfectly suited to its new home. A modern farmhouse dining table and the perfect way to display this stunning timber for future generations.

Guide prices: 3m x 1.2m dining table £7500 including VAT, dining chair £750 including VAT, dining chair with arms £900 including VAT


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