The helix form can be found in many areas of life but is rarely found in furniture. This stunning contemporary design centres around two interlocking curved helices forming the stand for a glass top. It is simple in nature yet still jumps out from its surroundings. Its plunging curves are simple in nature but unmistakably sculpted to please the eye.

Once again the preservation of traditional woodworking techniques is a staple to the piece. Wedged scarf joints are used to join the curved timbers end to end. This ancient joint is a pleasure to cut. Originally designed for timber framed building construction, the scarf joint is rarely used in modern day carpentry. By using it in my designs I am keeping skills alive that may otherwise be lost to history.

My design is also versatile; a coffee or dining table or smaller console can easily be created by some simple size and design changes.

The helix console table is the perfect statement piece for your home.

Approximate console sizes: 200cm wide, 75cm deep, 90cm high

Guide price £5000.00

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