The luxurious younger brother of my original helix table; the gilded helix console table is a truly eye catching piece of furniture. This stunning contemporary design centres around two interlocking curved helices forming the base for a glass top. Its plunging curves are simple in nature but unmistakably sculpted to please the eye.

The stand out feature of the piece has to be the lavish 22.5 carat Champagne Gold finish. Each one of the 675 sheets of gold leaf is carefully applied by hand using a specialist brush. This is a slow and painstaking process but the finished result is truly breathtaking.

The Gilded console table measures approximately 170cm wide x 50cm deep x 80cm high. It is available in a variety of metal leaf including, Pure Gold, White Gold and Copper and can be lacquered to any sheen.

The gilded helix table is only available directly from Thomas Barnes Furniture or through an exclusive London showroom for £7500.00

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